Top 10 Painting Projects For Kids

Top 10 Painting Projects For Kids
1. Spray-bottle
Put lots of watercolor paint on your brush and paint different shapes on your paper. Select different colored paints to add more layers to your painting. Use a spray bottle to spray water over your painting and move the paper from side to side so the colors blend together.
2. Pick a brush
Put lots of different types of brushes on the table along with some watercolor paint. Start by painting lines with the thinnest brush you have. When you are done, use another brush to draw circles. Try to use all the different brushes to create various shapes for your painting.

kids painting 2
3. Watercolor
Use some oil pastels to draw your favorite landscape on a thick piece of paper. When you are done, wet the paper with a small sponge then paint on top of your drawing with watercolor. Sprinkle some salt to create shapes on the painting and let it dry.
4. Drip drop

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Place lots of newspaper on your table and put a thick piece of paper on top of it. Add some watercolor paint on a brush and gently tap it over the paper to create lots of dots and splashes. Use different colors to make sure that your whole piece of paper is covered.
5. Mix it up
Paint a blue ball using watercolor on a piece of white paper. Use another brush to paint a yellow ball underneath the blue one. Pull some of the yellow paint between the balls and pull some blue paint between the balls. Mix the two colors together to make green. Create other colors by mixing paints.
6. Cotton ball

Put different colored paints into an egg carton and dip in a cotton ball. Dab the cotton ball across a sheet of paper to see what shapes it makes. Dip a cotton swab into the paint and use it to create small dots on the painting.
7. Sponge bottle washer
Put a dollop of three different paint colors onto a foam tray next to a thick piece of paper. Dip a sponge bottle water brush into the foam tray to pick up the different colors. Press and roll the sponge across the paper to create different shapes and colors.
8. Home
Make a drawing of your house on a piece of paper using black marker pen. Fill in the white spaces of the house using different colored oil pastels. Use watercolor to paint onto the background of the house to create the landscape.

kids house
9. Sweet paint

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Pour some condensed milk into three different pots. Add three different colored paints to the condensed milk and mix together. Begin painting using one of the colors until you have the shape that you want. Use the remaining colors to fill the background of the painting.
10. Op art
Use an oil pastel to draw a small circle in the middle of a piece of paper. Keep drawing bigger circles around the small circle until you get to the edge of the page. Fill the spaces between the circle with watercolor paints.

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