Cool Ways to Add Decorative Lighting to Your Home

Lighting allows you to create the mood in every room of your home or office. From pinpoint task lighting to help make work areas more functional to a soft wash of light that makes a room more romantic, lighting gives you the opportunity to set the mood in every room.

1. Egglight


This is a creative and distinct lighting feature. Amaze your friends.

2. Bowler Hat Lamps


Bowler hats can be tipped to deliver the light exactly where you need it. Plus, these lamps deliver a certain panache to every place that they are used.

3. LED Light Strips


LED light strips can help provide clear lighting exactly where you need it. This allows you to check on your children without waking them. They can also be used to highlight artwork with clear light.

4. Light Up a Dark Drawer


LED light strips can be used in places traditional lighting features don’t do well. For instance, going for that late night snack but can’t see inside the kitchen drawer? LED light strips can provide the right amount of light in that dark space.

5. Create Color Throughout Your Home


If you want to truly push boundaries, consider adding RGB LED strip lights. The RGB stands for red, green and blue. This allows you to add a hint of color in recessed ceilings and around doorways.

Creating the mood that you want is easy to do with the right lighting options. Go for dramatic or soft and warm. Then be sure to include the necessary task lighting to make work easier. It’s simple with the right tools.

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