47 Super Creative Creative Crafts for Kids

When I was in grade school, I was taught by my art teacher different kinds of art and DIY crafts. I can still remember making DIY crafts at home (which I learned from school) and (tried) selling it to our neighbors. But, I noticed that kids these days do not have the same interest we have back then. They now spend more time watching TV or playing gadgets. If you’re one of the parents who want to spend time with your child doing arts and don’t want them to be spending their free time using gadgets, here are 60 fun activities that you and your kid(s) can try.

1. Melted Beach Suncatchers

Take your child’s art to the next level.

Found on artfulparent

2. Homemade Chalkboard

Can be a fun drawing space of your children. Plus, it’s Homemade. Wow!

Found on popsugar


3. DIY Binoculars

Kids can also explore their creativity by recycling paper towel tubes and making it as binoculars.

Found on popsugar

4. 3D Paper Planets

A bit of skill and help from mom and dad is required in this project.

Found on momooze

5. Paper Chain Snake

This makes a great addition to your kids’ DIY toys.

Found on raisinglittlesuperheroes

6. Animal Masks

Can be use as a costume at school. Or, during the birthday party of your little one.

Found on lifeasmama

7. Moving Fish

If your kids ask you to get her a pet fish. You now know how to get her one.

Found on krokotak

8. Paper Plate Spiders

Another craft that’s made of paper plate. So simple and easy to make.

Found on iheartcraftythings

9. Kid’s Milk Carton Village

Do not throw your kid’s milk carton, gather and wash it. You can make a village out of it. Your kids will be very happy and excited with this project.

Found on liagriffith.com

10. Paper Roll Dragon Craft

Easy DIY toy even for the smallest fingers!

Found on onelittleproject

11. Pineapple Thumbprint Art

Let your children experiment and get their little fingers dirty!

Found on ohcrafts

12. T-Shirt Stamping

Try this project with your kids by using different types of fruits. This bell pepper has an intricate design that will look pretty when printed on your kids’ shirts.

Found on goodhousekeeping

13. Funny Face-Off

You’ll hear your kids giggle or laugh their heart out when you try making this project.

Found on iheartcraftythings

14. Crystal Names

Teach your kids a bit of Science.

Found on playdougoplato

15. Painting Fireworks

Reuse your toilet paper rolls to achieve this simple and easy painting.

Found on learning4kids

16.Paint Splat Art Activity

Creating mess and art at the same time! Yup.

Found on craftymorning

17.  Firework Salt Painting

Another Firework project for your kids.

Found on busymommymedia

18. Paper Planes

Let your kids’ imagination fly.

Found on goodhousekeeping

19. Soap Boat Race

Rain gutters, water, and soap boat- you can now have your kids raced them in your very own DIY race track.

Found on iheartnaptime

20. Tic Tac Toe

Ladybug Vs. Tadpoles

Found on attagirlsays

21. DIY Fireman Air Tank

Guess who’s going to be the happiest fire kid?

Found on crayonboxchronicles

22. Origami Frogs

When the fun of folding is over, you can invite your kids to play with you to see which frog can jump the farthest.

Found on itsybitsyfun

23. Airplane Clothespin

This DIY is so quick. Paint your kids plane with their favorite colors/

Found on diyinspired

24. DIY Marble Run

Another DIY made from toilet rolls.

Found on powerfulmothering

25. DIY Heart Crowns

This ones for your little princess.

Found on artfulparent

26. DIY Princess Wand

And a wand to make her look like a real princess!

Found on inspirationmadesimple

27. Paper Dream Catchers

Wishing only good dreams for your little ones.

Found on thecrafttrain

28. Caterpillar Craft

Cuties. This will brighten up the mood of your little lady.

Found on we-made-that

29. Fish Puppets

Cut the shape and let them decorate their own puppets.

Found on southernmadesimple

30. Colorful Jellyfish Craft

You can use this craft as a decor to your kid’s room.

Found on iheartcraftythings

31. DIY Beehive and Bee

Bunch of bees and beehive from toilet paper rolls. Aaawwee, they’re so cute!

Found on icreativeideas

32. Super Hero Mask

Let your kids take their pick.

Found on thehappyhomelife

33. Toilet Roll Craft

Let her make her favorite princess or cartoon character.

Found on mollymoocrafts

34. Cars from Toilet Rolls

Let the race begin!

Found on kiflieslevendula

35. Pool Noodle Water Wall

When they start using the pool noodles as makeshift swords, tie the toys to a pegboard and hold a good, clean water race instead.

Found on goodhousekeeping

36. Toy Parachute Craft

Someone’s going to be busy playing with his new toy.

Found on notimeforflashcards

37. Paper Bead Necklace

Have your kids experiment by using magazine clippings, newspaper or wrapping paper. No need to go to the nearest store. This project can also teach your children what is recycling all about.

Found on sowderingabout

38.Bubble Wrap Prints

Found on artbarblog

39. Folded Paper Bracelets

A wearable art.

Found on picklebums

40. Toilet Paper Bee Craft

Paper rolls are such a fun and easy-to-find material to use in making crafts.

Found on easypeasyandfun

41. DIY Rocket

Are you finished with that roll of toilet paper?  Transform it into a rocket. Your little boy will be more than happy to help you.

Found on myteachingstation

42. DIY Kite

Kite flying with your kids is a great idea.

Found on hellowonderful

43.  DIY Toy Cardboard Camera

This ones for your future photographer. In 20 minutes or less, you’ll have this toy camera for your little one.

Found on mollymoocrafts

44. Russian Dolls with Paper Cups

This project is so easy. Just collect some empty cups and you can now start your DIY Russian dolls project.

Found on estefimachado

45.Popsicle Bird Feeder

Make a Popsicle bird feeder with your kids.

Found on 101gardening

46. Paper Dinosaur Hat

When you and your kids are done with the project. You can play dress up with them, engagestoo.

Found on cuttingtinybites

47. Marshmallow Shooters

This is a childhood must-do!

Found on coffeecupsandcrayons

Parents and children who engage in activities like arts and crafts create a unique bonding experience which creates lifelong memories. Also, arts teaches children how to interpret, criticize, and use visual information, and how to make choices based on it.

If those reasons are not yet enough, here is another one – they are simply too cute to miss these experiences!

So, which one will you start with your kid?

This post was originally published on diyforlife.com

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