40 Simple DIYs that You Can Actually Make in One Day


I don’t know about you, but one of the biggest reasons I start projects and never get around to finishing them is time. Even if something looks easy, it often takes way more time than I originally anticipated and I end up just letting that project fall to the wayside. But these projects from DIY for Life are not only super cute, but can actually be completed in a single day!

1. Homemade Heating Pad

A heating pad is a nice way to relax and enjoy a cold evening.

Martha Stewart

2. Kitchen Shears Cozy

Keep your favorite pair of scissors cozy with these repurposed oven mitts.


3. No Sew Sock Bunny

Make this snuggle bunny out of a lone sock (or make a pair of bunnies with two socks).

DIY Cozy Home

4. Lollipop Flowers

Brighten up a rainy day with these cute and easy lollipop flowers.

Helpful Homemade

5. Valentine’s Baggies

Make your own Valentine’s gifts with these DIY S’mores baggies.

Little Peanut Mag

6. Felt Fox Coffee Cozy

Make your own adorable coffee sleeve by following this easy pattern, no sewing machine required.

Lia Griffith

7. Bright Snowflake Throw

This seasonal throw is sure to keep you warm on cool nights.


8. Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Keeping the bathroom stocked with toilet paper has never looked so seasonal.

Vicky Barone

9. Knit Blanket

You can make this fluffy knit blanket in less than an hour.

The DIY Mommy

10. Sweater Ornaments

Repurpose an old sweater and turn it into these lovely ornaments.

Just Imagine

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