13 Genius Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

Summer has arrived. Whether it is your child, grandchild, or your enjoyment, chalkboard paint is fun to utilize when summer has seen the last sidewalk day.

1. Label your child’s dresser drawers. It is an easy way to organize and teach your kid how to put up their laundry where it should go. First chore and the first lesson learned with the easiness of chalkboard paint.


2. Do your wine glasses need a bit of creativity? Dip the stem in the paint, and voilà, you can write messages or names on them to liven up the atmosphere.


3. It’s summer declutter time. Instead of stickers, use chalkboard paint on your clothing tubs, so you are not changing labels every season.


4. The difference between flour and sugar is the chalkboard paint labels you put on your containers and jars.


5. Summer may be coming to a close, but the fun isn’t. Find lumber or unused wood and make small chalkboards for kids to use to doodle.


6. The creations made with chalkboard paint doubles as decoration. Even labels on your spices and the pots you grow herbs spice up the kitchen.


7. Chore lists, grocery lists, to-do lists, all fill our lives. With a little chalkboard paint, list-keeping becomes a breeze.


8. Does your family bug you about dinner? Make a weekly list on your newly made chalkboard.


9. No one enjoys the kid’s table. Make it fun by covering with chalkboard paint and let them draw while they pretend to eat and visit.


10. Summer vacation drives are stressful. By handing your child a fun chalkboard made from exciting items, you are giving them a creative outlet while you drive.

11. Weekly schedules are not only for classrooms. Write your weekly agenda on your new, colorful chalkboard.


12. Chalkboard paints come in an array of colors. You are not pigeon held by your typical blackboard.


13. Can’t find a wallpaper you like? Use chalkboard paint and let visitors or your children do the decorating for you!


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