10 Super Cute Concrete Crafts

Concrete isn’t restricted to industrial use. It’s also an easy-to-use, versatile crafting material. Here are 10 creative DIY concrete craft projects.



If you’re not up to mixing and filling the concrete holders with a candle recipe, you can simply insert tea lights for the same effect.



diy-goldleaf-cement-pots002Gold leaf accents turn concrete into elegant planters. These look especially great with succulents.



Here’s one you can do with the kids. Find fun-shaped silicone ice cube trays at your local dollar store.

Light bulb wall hook 


Fill an old light bulb with concrete, affix to the wall, and hang up your hat. Who would have thought?



There’s something about the rough-and-tumble quality of gray concrete contrasted with the beauty of colorful flowers.



A great homemade gift for the book-lover who has read everything.



Add an industrial look to your coffee table with these geometric coasters.

Ring dish 


A convenient little dish to safely store rings when you do the dishes or mow the lawn. Also useful for keeping earrings or loose change. Or, make a slightly larger one for keys.

Fire columns 


Sleeker than tiki torches. Use gel fuel or candles for poolside illumination.

Decorative bowls


Of course, you can’t eat out of these bowls, but the possibilities for their non-food use are endless. Try filling with natural items like flowers, shells, and stones for a creative centerpiece.

Soften the hard-edged industrial look of concrete with paint or gold leaf. Create interesting textures by pressing objects with patterns you like into the concrete while it’s still wet. Remember: anything you use to make these crafts won’t be good for anything else when you’re done, so choose supplies you don’t mind tossing.

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